For us travelling is discovery, experience, knowledge…

We are able to guarantee constant product quality thanks to our ceaseless research and selection of the raw materials.

We believe that knowledge of the product is the foundation for our work and our research and selection have to be driven by our desire to understand further, to control and to discover new opportunities.

Travelling with us…to Salvador

A distant land, full of fascination and potential for coffee.

A recent journey to Central America took us to Salvador, a very small country that is generating great interest now though for the characteristics of the coffee they produce, which are examples of excellent quality that is the result of important development policies for the plantations and production processes.

Salvador coffee varieties tend to be sweet and smooth, with no high acidity peaks, and are ideal for mixing in top of the range blends or excellent as a single variety. 

Travelling with us…to Guatemala


In a recent journey we went to Guatemala, a country that produces coffee that is particularly fine, sweet and with a delicate aroma.

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