For guaranteed excellence in the cup always.

To create a blend of worth is complicated and requires experience, constant research, technology and a good dose of passion, which we dedicate to our work every day.

The guarantee of constant long lasting high quality standards is our distinguishing feature: the careful selection of the green coffee, importing only with “sample approval reserve”, the storage of the coffee in our warehouses through to roasting and packaging.

Selecting the green coffee beans

The quality of our blends begins with our scrupulous selection of the green coffee beans in the countries of origin. Our coffees come from the best coffee cultivation areas in the world, which undergo periodic controls by specialized operators. We choose picking methods and moist processing systems that ensure a more uniform harvest and better quality for the coffee, that is harmonious, aromatic, clean and faultless. We control every single step of our coffee importation process: from testing the flavour of the first samples through to buying the entire batch, exclusively on a “sample approval reserve” basis to guarantee constant and long-lasting quality.

Storing the coffee

We buy large quantities of coffee which we store for 8/9 months in our warehouses, thus giving the time we need to carefully select the coffee and ensure the best seasoning for the green beans that guarantees constant quality throughout the year. We directly manage and control the storage so that the coffee, which is very sensitive to climate changes, is protected from the atmosphere which could affect its properties, and preventing it from being exposed to substances that could alter it, which is very easy if it is stored in the port warehouses where different products are normally stored all together.

Transparency in the blend composition

For our blends we only select green beans from the best cultivation areas in South America, Africa and Asia to ensure a constantly excellent cup of coffee. Blending is an art for us and requires great knowledge of the product to enable correctly selecting and mixing the various single origin coffees to produce a harmonious, high profile drink.

To produce an important blend, we have to expertly combine the cream, aroma, body, flavour and aftertaste of the different beans used in the blend, which we believe can only be achieved by investing extensively in the product research and culture founded on great experience and professionalism.

Mixing according to tradition

We also guarantee our search for quality in the important mixing phase, using the raw mixing method before roasting. This system is only possible if one fully knows and understands the sensorial features of each variety of coffee, applying the craftsmanship care typical of a company with decades of experience in the world of coffee roasting. Our blend recipes are scrupulously followed by our technical staff, and jealously guarded as a precious heritage that the Dubbini family has handed down generation after generation.

Slow, delicate roasting to exalt the sensorial features of our coffee

Modernity and technology are married with our long traditions and great experience.

We roast the coffee using state of the art technology, but always true to the craftsmanship procedures that are our company’s heritage. Slow roasting controlled by cutting edge electronic systems, following precise temperature increase and decrease cycles (roasting curve) to obtain the maximum expression of the coffee’s sensorial character. Our roasting cycles vary between 15 and 18 minutes, reaching a maximum temperature of 200°C: this involves delicate roasting that means the bean does not become too dark, a mild treatment respecting the original delicacy of our coffee. Each roast is scrupulously tested by our expert tasters to give the final seal of approval before packaging and sales.

Constantly fresh product

We roast and package on a daily basis with a continuous turnover. We do not store large quantities of products in our warehouses, as we want to ensure our blends are always fresh and fragrant.

Once the coffee beans have been roasted they rest for 24/36 hours in a silo, and are then packed in bags with a valve containing a membrane sensitive to the pressure inside the pack, which releases the natural gas

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