We believe that investing in training is of increasing importance to enable developing a business and increase its competitive edge.

Our specialised “SCUOLA Drink Different” twinned with our precious experience in the world of coffee can transfer all of our know-how and our espresso culture to you, in your territory.

To promote our “SCUOLA Drink Different” courses means giving our clients the chance to acquire professional skills which will enable them to distinguish themselves from the rest, an added value that consumers greatly appreciate. Caffè Diemme supports you by providing specialised training to the preselected staff members of your company. Once qualified, they in turn will conduct the courses in situ.

The training, organized in different levels, transmits fundamental notions about: the coffee plant, its processing, the proper use of professional equipment, interesting sampling tests, the right methods to prepare coffee products, the refined Drink Different cocktails, and in-depth information on how to properly set up, arrange and run a bar. Collaborate with us, become our partner in the important project dedicated to enhance and disseminate the professional Italian coffee bar culture.

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