Hot or cold cocktails to enjoy your breaks all year round, in summer and winter, offering original mixes for a truly unique coffee break.

Delicious mixes for flavour all year round, no matter what the season. Simple and quick recipes made following the clear recipe book, which you can obtain by attending our SCUOLA DRINK DIFFERENT courses.


1espresso unsweetened, milk ice cream, whipped cream, granulated honey carameled sesame and bitter cocoa powder.


1 espresso - already sweetened, Diemme hot chocolate, hot milk cream, granulated honey carameled sesame, whipped cream and chocolate flakes.

Sherbet Coffee

1 espresso - already sweetened, milk ice cream, lemon ice cream, lemon rind and coffee powder.


1 long espresso - unsweetened, cane sugar, shakered cold liquid cream, a quarter of orange and orange rind.

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