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2009 was a year when we took an important step forward: we built our new headquarters with state of the art production technology to guarantee our highest quality standards, and to face the new market challenges and our company development. There is a silo in the production area able to hold two thousand quintals of green coffee beans, with a triple technology bean control system to guarantee the maximum purity and selection of the raw ingredients, and a gas induction roasting method. Our current production capacity exceeds three million kilos per year. We season our green coffee beans for 8/9 months, that are then packaged using state of the art methods to protect the product freshness until it is transformed.

The new headquarters were designed down to the smallest details, combining practicality, strength, high technology, exceptional aesthetic sensitivity for a long-lasting and important presence in our area. Furthermore, the premises contain a large training area and a specially designed Tasting Room, one of the company’s beating hearts, where the best origins of coffee are selected and where the Caffè Diemme blends are expertly studied and created.

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